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Enabling your business success….


If your goal is to do business successfully in China, India, Nigeria or the UK, Paragon International can help you. Whether you are at an early stage of your plans, or further advanced, some of the questions you may be asking;'

  • Who are the right partners?
  • Is moving into China, India, Nigeria or the UK the right strategic move?
  • Who must I recruit within my team to manage the expansion?
  • How do I set up operationally?
  • Is there a market for our product/service?
  • What is the best route to market?

multi-cultural people, business, work ethic, team work"Paragon International have both a large business network and extensive market knowledge "





If any of these questions resonate, then please speak to us. Paragon International is a cutting edge consultancy which provides a range of high value services that maximises our clients' chances of success in the Chinese, Indian, Nigerian and UK markets.


Understanding a new market is a challenging task. With an international team based in the UK, China, India and Nigeria; Paragon International have both a large business network and extensive market knowledge in most sectors. This enables us to help clients, ranging from medium sized enterprises to FTSE 100 companies, through the complexities of conducting business in China, India, Nigeria and the UK.

Contact us now for an initial free 60 minute consultation which will provide objective feedback and a clear recommendation as to implementation support and guidance required to ensure you meet your goals for China, India or Nigeria rapidly.