Current Investment Opportunities

Healthcare Software

A UK based health-care software products company specialising in the seamless integration of modern, highly-mobile and high-availability technology with current healthcare systems and clinical devices. Seeking £300k phased funding for 20% equity"
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Point of Care Diagnostic Devices Opportunity

Developer of rapid Point of Care diagnostic devices for farm and companion animals (market worth $1.4 billion) is looking for £700,000 to bring 2 products to market, a Campylobacter test for Poultry and a Diabetes test for Cats and Dogs. These two products are expected to bring in, with conservative levels of penetration, revenues of £2.6m and £8.1m respectively. This translates to profits of £2m, in the poultry industry and £5m in the companion animal market.

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ECommerce Solution

Ecommerce proposition enabling SME retailers to deliver a big brand experience online from a single solution with minimal effort and cost. Seeking £500k for 30% share.

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Renewable Energy

An opportunity to invest in a game changing breakthrough in Renewable Energy. Although not an investment for widows and orphans, there are enormous potential returns in this EIS registered business.
Since the 100% successful wind tunnel trials of the prototype, the risk factors have been considerably reduced and the technology has essentially been proven. Indeed the eminent professor in charge of the research has stated “… technologically it’s now a no brainer.”

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Clinician Health Terminal Launch

Experienced global entrepreneurs seeking £250 000 of investment  in exchange for 13.8% ownership interest in the company. Investment required to scale up operations and accelerate speed to market for revolutionary clinician health terminal. For more details, click here.

Medical and Rehabilitation Opportunity

A ground breaking electronic device which offers patient cooling, heating and compression in one unique controlled wrap to address a medical & rehabilitation market worth over $16B annually. Seeking a £300,000 investment for 20% investment stake being valued around £5m by year five. For more details, click here.

Opportunities for investment of $5m to $10m

Opportunities for investment of $5m to $10m in energy, mining, oil & gas, gaming, financial services, heavy manufacturing, commercial real estate, and anything involving sales to government agencies or to large corporations sectors. For more details, click here.

US Farm Opportunity

As a result of the banking crisis that has hit the U.S., there is a terrific new opportunistic niche of borrowers available to funders looking for high current yields on very safe transactions.  Large U.S. farm operations for the first time in my lifetime are unable to go into their local community banks and obtain loans against their land and farming operations.  This has created an incredible opportunity for specialty lenders to earn yields of 8-10% plus on 60% or less loan to value, with high quality, income producing farm land serving as collateral.  These deals are typically $1-$8 million in size, and I believe without doubt the best return to risk opportunity available.  The loans are generally needed for a 2-3 year period, and can be interest only, or amortized with a 25 year amortization schedule.  The deals are all vetted, have current appraisals to support property values, and cash flows that demonstrate the ability to service all expenses.  The terrific thing about U.S. farm land is that in the unlikely event of a default, there is a line of cash rich area farmers looking to buy the land at a very small discount to fair market value.  This is because the farmland stays in the family for generations, so it is very difficult for farm operations to add close by land to their holdings. For more details, click here.

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