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Paragon Investment work with Investors from around the world to find exciting business opportunities from China, India and Nigeria looking to launch in the UK.  Our detailed evaluation process completes an initial assessment allowing us to present to Investors the best opportunities from these countries .
Our services for Investors can be classified as

  • Opportunity Search
  • Due Diligence and assistance
  • Post Investment management


Opportunity Search

We will work with you to understand your investment objectives and criteria, this allows us to actively seek opportunities using our extensive network that meet these objectives.

Due Diligence

  • Chinese and Indian companies seeking to launch in the UK offer attractive opportunities investors with the largest potential markets and fast growing economies. 


Often for UK investors the challenge is cultural and understanding how to work best with companies from these countries.

It is obvious that a good partner can accelerate your success: spending money economically, choosing the right step to move forward, and dealing with suitable people who understand you well. The challenge for UK investors is how to identify a good partner.  The lack of transparency in accounting, financial, business practices, credit reputation and way of thinking make China, India and Nigeria difficult markets for any foreign investors even if they have done business in these countries for years. 

Before contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger, or acquisition with a potential partner, a timely and accurate Due Diligence of your target company or key individuals is not an option. Paragon International’s Due Diligence will help you make the right strategic decision. When we finish our professional and discreet due diligence investigation, you will have a full picture of the target company or key persons you are interested in and a good knowledge of:
The ownership and management structure of target companies

  • Where your target’s profit comes from
  • The way the key persons think and behave
  • Assets owned by target company
  • How to minimise the potential risks during the cooperation
  • An accurate story on what is going on behind the scene

Post Investment Management

Once you have made an investment, it is essential it is managed to ensure your returns are maxmised. Paragon International work in the UK and in China, India and Nigeria, acting as your representative ensuring your investment is protected. We provide ongoing reporting to investors as to progress and any major issues that arise.

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