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About Us

Paragon Law is a niche immigration solicitors based in Nottingham city centre. We specialise in dealing with immigration matters related to corporate, personal and family, and asylum and human rights enquiries. 

Whilst our head office is in Nottingham, our immigration lawyers provide immigration legal advice to individuals and businesses across the UK and beyond. We also have an office in London and have created international partnerships with law firms in the United States and China, enabling us to serve an even broader range of clients. 

Since establishing in 2003, we have gone from humble beginnings to a team which consists of over twenty members of staff. More specifically, our team consists of nine immigration lawyers, seven caseworkers, and several administrative and managerial assistants. Not only do our employees span across multiple departments and job roles, but every immigration lawyer, caseworker, administerial assistant, operations executive is experienced in what they do. Take our solicitors and caseworkers for example, together they have over 75 years’ experience working in immigration law. 

Now we are not naive enough to say that experience correlates with success or efficiency, which is why we let our awards and recognition speak for themselves. Over the past year alone we have been recognised as being the Mid-Market Business Immigration Law Firm of the Year and the Corporate Immigration Law Service Provider of the Year. Not only does this recognition illustrate our success in dealing with immigration cases, but it reflects the high level of knowledge possessed by our team. As a law firm we believe that the knowledge of the legal team is a fundamental factor in success. This is because immigration laws are constantly changing it means that lawyers need to be up-to-date and have the latest training and certifications. At Paragon Law, our HR department works closely with the legal team to ensure that they receive everything required in order to increase their chances of success.

We can cut through the red tape and focus on what is needed to ensure that your case succeeds. Through having an immigration expert deal with your case, ultimately you will save time and money.”  - Thalej Vasishta (founder, director, and corporate immigration solicitor).

What we do

Business Immigration Law

For almost two decades our business immigration solicitors have been supporting businesses and individuals to create a future in the UK. So regardless of your sector or business size, our immigration lawyers can assist you to set-up in the UK or remain compliant to UK immigration laws. We are also able provide training to HR professionals.

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Personal and Family Immigration

If you are looking to settle, study, visit, or join family members in the UK our expert immigration lawyers are able to assist you with a wide range of visa applications including applying for British citizenship and applying for indefinite leave to remain. Our immigration lawyers are able to assist you at any stage of the process.

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Claim asylum in the UK

Our immigration lawyers are highly regarded when it comes to dealing with matters of asylum and human rights. At Paragon Law we are able to help people to claim asylum in the UK, challenge notices of deportation, and take on citizenship deprivation cases. We regularly take on work from social services and third-sector organisations.

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These services are broken down further to include a wider range of immigration law services. Each immigration lawyer and caseworker is placed into only one of these departments to ensure that they are knowledgeable in a particular aspect of immigration law. Consequently, you can be rest assured that the solicitor or caseworker who is assigned to your enquiry is a true expert when it comes to succeeding with cases similar to yours.

Why Paragon Law?

In our 18 years of operation, we have succeeded in over 1000 cases relating to both corporate and personal immigration matters. A number of our cases have even gained recognition at the Supreme Court and at the European Court of Justice. Not only does this highlight our success as a firm, but it highlights the high calibre of our solicitors and caseworkers. 

We have found that the ability of our legal team is down to their specialist nature. Through putting their energies into a singular aspect of immigration law it means that they can become experts on a topic as they aren’t approaching work half-heartedly. The knowledge and confidence presented by our solicitors and caseworkers ultimately translates into a better service for our clients and a more reassuring one at that. Our focus on specialising in different aspects of immigration law has enabled us to gain a reputation from our clients and our peers as being a law firm which can succeed in a range of different enquiries.