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Our Values and Philosophy

Our success as an immigration solicitors is based on the foundations of integrity, determination, vision and having an unwavering focus on our client’s desired outcome.

Whilst Paragon Law continues to pursue a path of controlled growth, we are keen to remain true to these principles. Therefore as a client you will always have one point of contact who will manage your work and, where necessary, a team of experts will work together to ensure that your case gains the best possible outcome. Through having one point of contact it means that you will always be  up-to-date and fully aware of the status of any elements of the work involved in your case.

Being transparent is something which is a priority at Paragon Law. In order to do so, it means that at the initial stages of an inquiry that  we will aim to provide a fixed fee for the work in which we will carry out. However, where this is not possible, then we will give you an estimate of the likely costs and keep these under review with you. For those clients that qualify, we are also able to provide Legal Services Commission funding.

The last part of our philosophy revolves around the ‘Codes of Paragon’ which exist to guide the work and behaviour of our employees. Not only does ensuring that everyone is on the same wavelength encourage teamwork and harmony, but it ensures that our clients receive the best possible service. 

  1. If you have a problem: have a solution.
  2. Be accountable for your actions and meet all agreements made.
  3. Treat your colleagues and clients how you would expect to be treated.
  4. The needs of the team are paramount, so never abandon a team member in need.
  5. Take pride in the environment you work in and don’t be afraid of finding a better way of doing things.
  6. And always strive for excellence.