The Paragon Group are always looking for talented people to join our team.  Whether you are an experienced immigration solicitor, business support expert or are looking to embark on a new career, why not consider Paragon Law as a place to work?

We do not believe in clones but value and encourage individual perspectives.  Paragon people come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds.  We believe that it is the mix of our people that our clients value.

We are proud to adopt a policy of non-discrimination and to have been recognised nationally for our diversity practices.

To be a successful member of our team, you will have to adopt our business foundations of integrity, determination, vision and working as part of a team to have our clients’ desired outcome in mind.  Our values stem from our codes of conduct, to which all new members of the team commit when starting at Paragon Group.

If you are joining the team as a lawyer, you will need to show commitment to and passion for upholding the rule of law and a proper administration of justice through addressing the issues of injustice, discrimination and disadvantage.

Throughout your career at the Paragon Group, you will be challenged by the high demand placed upon your time due to the nature of our work and the strict time deadlines within which we have to carry out our clients’ desired outcomes.  Whether you are the lead lawyer on a case, lead consultant on an inward project or an administrator assisting in the day to day functions of the office, you will be part of the same team.

We embrace technology and continually monitor our business practices/performance to ensure not only the best result for our clients but also to help Paragon people work in the most efficient manner possible.

We support the development of all team members and will work with you to ensure that training plans are in place so that you are always learning and growing professionally.


Still interested, then please complete and return the following forms to Lara Riordan:

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