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Corporate HR Immigration Compliance / Employing Foreign Migrants

The importance of remaining compliant under UK immigration law as an employer is not only important so as to avoid heavy fines that may be levied against you by the UK Border Agency but, non-compliance could also result in negative press impacting your business’s reputation amongst peers and customers, the threat of unannounced visits from the UK Border Agency, low staff morale and employment tribunal actions

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"We have the expertise to handle any project or problem"






Through our experience of working with companies who are multinational, multisite, small or niche operators and from many sectors, we have the expertise to handle any project or problem which has a UK immigration law and policy angle to it. 


The key to our success is that we put ourselves in the shoes of our client and then determine what systems, processes or procedures will work best. 


Services that our existing clients use are one or a combination of the following:

  • Audits of personnel files to ensure compliance with law and policy.
  • Audits of HR systems, procedures and documentation.
  • Help with pre-registration preparation, registration and maintaining your sponsorship.
  • Preparation on passing the UK Border Agency audit.
  • Training HR people to become immigration experts.  For further information, click here.
  • Telephone helpline and support.
  • Preparation of applications and cases to be filed with the UK Border Agency or at embassies abroad.
  • Representation against UK Border Agency offences.
  • Compliance with procedures to recruit and process certificate of sponsorships under the Tier 2 criteria.
  • Executive transfers to the UK.
  • Transferring your staff to overseas jurisdictions. For  more information in transferring staff overseas click here
  • Being your contact and Level 1 User on the Sponsorship Management System. 


In short, we will ensure your statutory compliance and you will have the peace of mind knowing we are experts. 

For more information on why business should businesses should be complaint when employing migrants and our services download our PDF brochure.




If you are a business owner, an advisor to businesses, HR director or someone with a people or recruitment remit we can add value to your organisation through our knowledge and expertise of UK and global immigration matters.  To find out more, click here.