Accredited Cultural Training

Noble Khan

Cultural and Religious training is an important part of the UK’s Equality and Diversity strategy that all business should comply with. Promoting this type of training improves working relationships, employee engagement, productivity, organisational success and the bottom line.

 Specific problems of discrimination, harassment, bullying or bad practice usually stem from ignorance, misunderstanding, that later  lead to stress, time and cost spent on grievances and Employment Tribunal litigation.

Our Partner Noble Khan is recognised as a professional response to the demands, complexities and legalities of the 21st century, multicultural British workplace as well as ensuring staff ease into new cultural markets.


The company helps you recognise, understand and talk to people from different cultures. It helps you foster good cultural and religious relationships within the workforce to ensure your staff works in a thriving, harmonious, multi-cultural arena, where morale rises and staff turnover drops. By using multi-cultural communication skills externally, staff can also deliver better customer service, increase sales and boost profits.

In today’s Global Business markets, it make’s sense that international development teams are aware of cultural nuances, complexities both in negotiation and beyond and selling. This is becoming more and more evident in today’s global markets.

In particular Muslims make up the second largest religion in the world, India is now an Economic Hot Spot (where there are over 70 million Muslims). And equally important are economies such as the Middle East and sub sahara Africa. It’s essential that we not only understand these religions and cultures, but also that we learn to tell the difference so as not to cause offence, as well as using new communication skills to generate sales, ignite positive relations and build world class customer service.

Taking all this into account Noble Khan have developed the following courses that are now available to clients of the Paragon Group.

  • All of Noble Khan’s courses are accredited at a level 2 Award by EDI
  • Asian Cultural Awareness Course  (One Day Workshop)
  • British Cultural Awareness Course (One Day Workshop)
  • Islam & Its People Basic Awareness Course (One Day Workshop)
  • Asian Religion & Cultural Awareness ONLINE

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