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Deportation and Detention

Being issued with a deportation or detention notice is undoubtedly a scary experience. It is important that in the event of receiving a deportation notice that you contact a specialist immigration solicitor as soon as possible.

Whilst having a knowledgeable immigration solicitor is an important aspect of all immigration cases regardless of the matter, when it comes to matters of deportation it is extremely important as it can literally be the difference between deportation and remaining in the UK. The need for deportation specialists is why at Paragon Law we have a handful of solicitors who solely deal with matters of deportation and detention. Through their experience and specialism, our immigration lawyers have developed a real expertise in dealing with matters of deportation and understanding what is needed to help tip the balance in your favour.

The nature of deportation and detention cases, combined with the barriers present in overturning such notices makes this a complex area of immigration law. Therefore, to increase your chances of success, our immigration solicitors work with external organisations to ensure that your case is as strong and coherent as possible.

The appeal process can be nerve-wracking and subject to very strict deadlines. Our solicitors can simplify the process by doing the following:

Prepare witness statements for you and key witnesses, focusing on the relevant issues. Instruct barristers from the top chambers in the UK.
Instruct experts to prepare reports specific to you under strict time pressures. Ensure that you are advised on the key areas of the law and take the important decisions on your case.
Prepare a tailor made and paginated bundle of documents. Use access to our extensive database of country evidence and case law, to research and prepare your case.

We have a proven track record of taking on the most complicated cases, and using our knowledge of the law to apply arguments from every angle to advance our client’s cases. This is demonstrated through our representation of our deportation clients at every level, including before the First-tier, Upper Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

At Paragon Law, through our experience in dealing with matters of deportation we have gained a real understanding into the level of preparation which is required to succeed in a case, thus saving you time and money. We are able to provide assistance throughout the process, so whether you’re at the start of the process and get more information about possible deportation action, or you have received a notice of deportation and you need legal assistance – we can help you. Our deportation solicitors are a top-rated legal team, giving you and your family the assurance you need going forward.

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