Free EU Settlement Advice
Paragon Law and Here For Good: Our Partnership


At Paragon Law we believe it is important to help those that are vulnerable and in need which is why we are offering free EU Settlement help and advice.

Our partnership with Here For Good grew from the same shared values.

Our Managing Director, Thalej Vasishta, brought this partnership into practice and has built a
relationship with Here for Good so that we can help as many vulnerable people as we can.

Paragon are acting on behalf of Here For Good to provide this incredible free service to a wider
audience in the East Midlands.





What we can advise on



What you need to apply



Free Advice and Application Support

Are you not sure if you can apply?

No need to worry, we can help you with:
· Family Members
· Residence Documents
· 1 to 1 Support with the           App
·Any Immigration Brexit related questions


All EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members who wish to continue living in the UK after 31 December 2020 need to apply.


This application is free and easy to complete but if you are a vulnerable person and are eligible for free advice, all you need to bring is:

· A smartphone

· Biometric Passport

· National ID card

On your smartphone you will have to download the following app:

· ‘EU Exit: ID
Document Check’ App
(available on the Appstore and Google Play)

No data is stored on the app.



For those who meet the
following criteria we are able to offer free appointments to assist with
completing and submitting applications.


In order to qualify for a free
appointment to make your application you must:

· Be a non-English speaker;

· Be elderly;

· Have a disability;

· Have difficulty accessing

· Or meet our means-tested financial threshold.


If you’re not an EU, EEA or Swiss national, you can also apply to the scheme though applications can sometimes be complex so get contact us if you need any advice.



Here For Good Phoneline


Paragon Law has a dedicated team to answer your questions and provide free advice on the EU Settlement Scheme.

The Here For Good Helpline is open to anyone who has questions abou the EU Settlement Scheme; we are here to provide people with free information and advice to all.


For free advice on the EU Settlement Scheme, call us:

0115 9644 112

Tuesdays 9am-11am

Thursdays 3pm-5pm


Or drop us an email:


Meet the Team

Left to Right: Elliott Dipper, George Hanvere, Rachel Whickman, Nigel Smith



Nigel Smith heads up the Immigration team at Paragon Law and is a qualified Solicitor both in the UK and New Zealand. He has been dealing with Immigration matters for over 15 years. Nigel has dealt with multiple complex EU Settlement Scheme applications with a fantastic success rate.


Rachel Whickman is a Level 2 Accredited Senior Caseworker with a particular interest in complex EU Settlement Scheme applications and has run workshops on making applications for employees of large organisations, as well as coordinating the Here For Good partnership and running the free weekly helpline that Paragon offer.


Elliott Dipper graduated from from Nottingham Trent University with a 1st LLB Honours in Law and has since joined Paragon Law as a Caseworker dealing with EU Settlement applications, and spouse visas and advises on the Here For Good Helpline on a weekly basis.


George Hanvere graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a 1st LLB Honours in Law. George has been working alongside Nigel since he started at Paragon Law in July 2019 and has helped with the submission of complex applications.