Hong Kong British Nationals Overseas

In response to the new national security laws in Hong Kong, the UK Government introduced the new Hong Kong British National (Overseas) visa which was subsequently implemented on January 31st 2021. Under this scheme, individuals who are currently a Hong Kong British National Living Overseas (BNO) can apply for this visa to come to work, live or study in the UK.

Through the visa, individuals and their dependents can live in the UK for up to five years after their application. After this time these individuals can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain whereby they can stay in the UK to live and work without having to reapply for a visa. A year after this status, individuals can apply for British citizenship should they meet the eligibility criteria.

Where we fit in

Our immigration team are able to advise Hong Kong British Nationals on the following:

  • Applying for an extension of their Leave to Remain in the UK.
  • Applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • Issues related to student finance and funding.
  • Preparing for British Citizenship.

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