Paragon Law is currently procuring for a new legal case management system.


The required criteria for the new system is as follows:


1. Integrated Accounts with ability to record time, raise bills and chase outstanding invoices.

2. Remote client access to their own files which enables them to upload and/or complete documents in a secure environment.

3. Workflow functionality which allows complex work solutions.

4. Dashboards which give managers, accounts staff and fee-earners real-time live updates on KPIs such as time recording against targets, bills issued etc.

5. TAPI integration

6. Ability to convert all/some documents in a client file into a PDF document for file transfer or court bundle making purposes.

7. Remotely accessible for all staff across a variety of devices.

8. CRM system which allows market segmentation or integration into other CRM systems. such as Mailchimp

9. Outlook integration for both emails and calendars.

10. XML integration to allow data in the Case Management System to be pulled out into online forms.

11. E-forms integration

12. Data Migration to a high level of accuracy.

13. Ability to scan post directly into the correct case file.

14. Ability to have multiple costs and disbursement limits running on different cases.

15. Ability to correctly manage legal aid billing and reporting.

16. Integrated purchase ledger system.

17. Integrated SMS system

18. High security hosting

19. Integrated anti money laundering checks

20. Integrated post code look-up function

21. Integrated payment portal for clients

22. Integrated digital signature system

23. Ability to integrate 3rd party apps via APIs

24. Integrated compliance systems for COLP and COFA e.g. risk register

25. Customisable reporting system

26. Link to costs drafting software or ability to export time recording

27. Cheque printing function

28. Auto bank reconciliation

29. Ability to set folder structure within matters for storing documents i.e. one folder for storing all applications, one folder for AML documents etc.

30. A central section on each matter which shows when a matter is opened to display key information about a client such as deadlines, risk of violence, or other key pieces of information.

If you feel that your system can meet all of the requirements above then please email Marcus Worthington, on by 23 September 2017 setting out what your product can provide in relation to the above criteria. Applicants will be invited to initially give an on-line demonstration of their system to the Operations Director at Paragon Law to assess whether they do meet the above criteria. Those who pass this initial assessment will then be invited in to give a more thorough demonstration of their product to senior members of the Paragon Law team and to provide quotes. A final decision will then be taken as to which product meets all of the above criteria whilst offering excellent usability and value for money pricing.