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Deal or No Deal We Will Take Control of Our Borders – What Are The Consequences To Protecting Your EU Workforce and UK Immigration Policy

15 Nov 18 - It has been a busy and uncertain 24 hours in politics and what appears below is the text of my commentary in the media yesterday, following confirmation that Teresa May had negotiated a transition deal and was putting it to her cabinet


Paragon Law Continues To Be Ranked In The Top Tiers Of All The Industry Guides

6 Nov 18 - Last week saw the legal publications announce their rankings of the best law firms in the UK. Paragon Law was recognised as the leader in the field of immigration law in all of them


Immigration Health Surcharge to double in December 2018

16 Oct 18 - The Immigration Health Surcharge is currently £200 per year for most migrants. Those on student visas pay a reduced rate of £150 per year.


Settled Status Scheme: Phase 2 to be opened allowing an extra 250,000 EEA nationals to apply

16 Oct 18 - As we have previously written about here, it is going to be necessary for EEA nationals to make an application for settled status to continue to remain and work in the UK after the transition period which ends 31 December 2020.


Details of Applicants who can apply under the settled status scheme from November 2018

16 Oct 18 - The first list relates to those who can apply from the 15th November 2018, and the second list is those that will be able to apply from the 29th November 2018. At present, this pilot is available until the 21st December 2018.


UKVI Changes Small Company Reporting Requirements

13 Aug 18 - As of 18th July, sponsors must report to UKVI if the size of their business changes from small to medium/large or vice versa