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Digital identity certification for right to work checks

From the 6th April 2022, employers have been able to work with certified identity service providers (IDSPs) to use Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) to conduct digital identity checks on behalf of British and Irish citizens who have a valid passport. The aim of these digital identity checks is to accelerate the recruitment and onboarding process and help support organisations post-Covid, particularly as many more businesses have embraced remote working.

What is the purpose of this digital identity checking?
The use of an IDVT will allow employers to verify the identity of their employees (who have a British or Irish Passport or Irish Passport Card) remotely. Not only will this free up the time of employers who no longer have to physically examine documents, but by using IDSPs employers will be able to speed up the recruitment process which will be particularly beneficial for those organisations which run large recruitment campaigns. Likewise, the use of IDSPs and IDVT has the general benefit of providing reassurance to employers as the process can identify individuals who don’t have the right to work in the UK.

What IDSPs can I use?
The government has announced the first three IDSPs. These IDSPs have been evaluated by the Home Office who have accepted that each provider is able to provide verification of a person’s identity to the minimum required standard for right to work checks. This is not the final list and it is expected that over time the government will announce more organisations.


Name Email Address Website Schemes certified against
Yoti and Post Office EasyID ●    Right to work.
●    Right to rent.
●    Disclosure and Barring Service.
HooYu Limited ●    Right to work.
●    Right to rent.
●    Disclosure and Barring Service.
TrustID Limited ●    Right to work.
●    Right to rent.
●    Disclosure and Barring Service.


It is important to note that each of these IDSPs have different processes, and so, as an organisation you will need to evaluate which IDSP best suits your needs and business requirements. For instance, the Yoti and Post Office partnership allows a person to visit the Post Office where a member of staff will check the document and upload it to the digital ID app. This might be useful for businesses who recruit people from across the UK and don’t have staff in the regions where they are recruiting from who can carry out this check for the business. Another important factor which your business may consider is the cost of each check. It is likely that the IDSPs will offer discounts for purchasing bulk checks, therefore, ‘shopping around’ may be beneficial for you in the long run.

It is not a mandatory requirement for employers to use a certified IDSP to conduct right to work checks and documents provided by Irish or British nationals can continue to be checked and copied manually. This will indeed be welcome news for smaller organisations that see the use of a IDVT as cost prohibitive.  

Can I still use the Covid adjusted right to work checks?
Yes, you can continue to use the Covid adjusted right to work checks until the 30 September 2022 (unless you are presented with a Biometric Residence Permit, an eVisa, or a Frontier Work Permit where you must now carry out a Home Office right to work online check when presented with one of these documents). After the 30 September 2022, you must either use an IDVT or conduct a manual right to work check for UK and Irish valid passport holders.

As always, our Business Immigration team can assist you with any queries related to right to work, challenging Home Office decisions and provide training to your HR team on right to work checks. If you require assistance, then please contact us at