"The committed and passionate team handles a range of work... it is a dedicated bunch of lawyers who are always thinking one step ahead"

Chambers and Partners 2012


"Paragon are prepared to take risks that some other firms will not - several firms had refused to take the case.
Once you have taken up a case you stick with it, no matter how long.
You take time and care to build an accurate history and double check evidence so that it is solid.
You appeal bad judgements immediately, if you think there are grounds to do so.
You harness expertise, whether psychological or country based.
You are realistic about difficulty and do not build false optimism.
You instruct excellent counsel.
You win cases!"

PF 2017


The Paragon Group brings together a talented team of lawyers, commercial advisors and country experts who all share the same core values of excellent service and a passion for success.  Our team is multilingual, working across four continents and as a team we are as diverse as the clients we represent.  This has been recognised by our peers having been awarded “Best Employer” by the Law Society at the National Solicitors Race Awards for our diversity.  As a team we have adopted “The Codes of Paragon”


Please click on the name of any individual listed for more information on their specialism:

Thalej Vasishta, Group Chief Executive / Solicitor

Kirin Abbas, Legal Services Director / Solicitor

Deirdre Sheahan, Director

Nigel Smith, Associate Solicitor

Karen Rimmer, Solicitor

Emma Okenyi, Solicitor

Saniya Hussain, Caseworker

Rachel Whickman, Senior Caseworker

Daniyal Shajar, Caseworker

Maaria Mahmood, Caseworker

George Hanvere, Caseworker

Rebecca Kogan, Caseworker

Khadijah Maqsood, Senior Caseworker

Chantell Simpson, Caseworker

Decla Palmer, Solicitor

Elliott Dipper, Caseworker

Faye Goddard, Solicitor

Rory Shanahan, Caseworker

Rachel Whickman, Caseworker


Other key contacts:


Kusam Vasishta, Finance Manager

James Firman, Practice Manager


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