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Ukraine Updates

In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the UK government has announced a number of routes available to Ukrainians seeking to come to the UK to flee the situation. Ukrainians seeking to come to the UK (regardless of situation) must have a visa or some kind of immigration permission before entering the UK. Below is a summary provided by our immigration lawyers of the various routes in which Ukrainians can come to the UK.



The Ukraine Extension Scheme

Homes for Ukraine: Updates

Ukraine Family Visa Scheme: Updates

Ukraine-UK visas: FAQs



The Ukraine Extension Scheme
  • The government has announced that from 3 May 2022, eligible Ukrainians in the UK will be able to apply to the ‘Ukraine Extension Scheme’. 
  • The Ukraine Extension Scheme will be open to Ukrainians who are in the UK on a temporary visa.
  • The eligible Ukrainians must have had been issued their visa on, or before 18 March 2022, or their visas must have expired since 1 January 2022.
  • The Ukraine Extension Scheme will grant individuals with 3 years leave to remain in the UK. 
  • Under the Ukraine Extension Scheme, individuals will be able to work, study and access public funds whilst in the UK.
  • The scheme is currently not a route to settlement. Therefore, individuals who have leave on a route to settlement must consider whether this scheme is the most suitable one for them.
  • It will be free to apply to the Ukraine Extension Scheme.
  • The scheme will be open for applications on 3 May 2022.

24/7 free helpline: +(44) (0) 808 164 8810 (choose option 1)


Homes for Ukraine

On 14 March 2022, the UK government launched the ‘Homes for Ukraine Scheme’ which allows people in the UK to accommodate a Ukrainian refugee. Below is a brief overview of the scheme, but for a more in-depth discussion on the Homes for Ukraine scheme head over to our dedicated page.

  • The scheme allows Ukrainians to enter the UK regardless of whether or not they have family here. 
  • There is no cap on the number of people that can be sponsored under this route.
  • Successful applicants will be granted a 3-year visa where they will be able to live, work, study, and access public funds.
  • The scheme will run in association with the Home Office, devolved administrations, and local authorities.
  • Sponsors will be required to provide suitable accommodation for at least six months.


Homes for Ukraine: Key Contacts

Official website: 

24/7 free helpline: +(44) 808 164 8810 or 0808 164 8810 (if you’re in the UK) or +(44) 175 390 7510


Ukraine Family Visa Scheme

The Home Office has announced that non-British family members of British nationals who are residing in Ukraine may apply to settle in the UK for free under the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme. Below is a brief summary of the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme, but for a detailed overview head over to our dedicated page.

  • Ukrainians (and their family members) are able to join a relative in the UK.
  • Successful applicants will be able to stay in the UK for up to 3 years where they will be able to work, study, and claim public funds.
  • The relative in the UK must either be a British national, have settled or pre-settled status, or have refugee status of humanitarian protection in the UK.
  • Applications can be made online and applicants are not required to attend a Visa Application Centre if the applicant has a passport.
  • Applicants do not have to pay the immigration health surcharge or the biometric enrolment fee.


The Ukraine Family Visa Scheme: Applying for a visa

From 15th March 2022, applicants of the Ukraine Family Scheme who possess a passport will be able to complete their visa application online. Therefore, eligible Ukrainians (and their family members) are no longer required to attend a Visa Application Centre to submit their biometric data. Biometric data will still need to be submitted, however, this can be done once applicants have arrived in the UK.

Applicants without passports will have to continue to submit their data to a Visa Application Centre.


Ukraine Family Visa Scheme: Key Contacts

Official website: 

24/7 free helpline: +(44) 808 164 8810 or 0808 164 8810 (if you’re in the UK) or +(44) 175 390 7510


Ukraine-UK Visas: FAQs

How much do visas to the UK cost?

Applicants for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and the Ukraine Family Scheme Visa are not required to pay for their visa application. However, if you wish to come to the UK under another visa route then costs may incur.


How can Paragon Law help?

At Paragon Law our immigration lawyers and solicitors are able to provide support and advice on the above visa routes.


What are the next steps?

If you require legal assistance or advice then please get in touch with us where one of our legal advisors will get back to you shortly.


Alternatively, head over to the Homes for Ukraine or Ukraine Family Scheme Visa to find out more.